My Farmhouse Tablescape & Salmon Recipe

Tonight on my snapchat and Instastory I got so many questions about my posts regarding my table decor and the salmon dinner I prepared for Slade and myself!  So I have decided to make a whole blog post about it so you can have the deets first hand! You guys asked so I listened.


As many of you have come to know about me through my blog and social media I LOVE decorating. It is my favorite pastime  and I wish I could do it professionally (but I run two other companies and barely have time for that right now).  It brings me great joy and is a creative outlet for me. I love designing and creating new and beautiful things, so doing new tablescapes has become a new passion of mine recently especially because I love my new table from Z-Gallerie that you can find right here.  It is a neutral palette so you can change out the decor to anything you want.


The gorgeous gold  and glass hurricane candle holders are from Ralph Lauren a few years back and I got them from Barclay Butera, but you can still buy them here (but beware they are a little pricey) I also have them in the silver version in my master bedroom (check out that blog here) and they are a little less expensive in the silver finish.

I was going for a farmhouse feel for this tablescape. I got the inspiration from these leaves that I bought at the OC Flower mart and knew I wanted to have them lay all around on my table. I then went to Michaels craft store and found these super cute metal G and S letters to help make a statement on the table.   Here are a couple more close ups of the S and G below.


I also got these gorgeous little votive’s from Michaels in both a peach and a turquoise light color finish (on the bottom half of the mason jar) to really help accent the table and set a warm inviting glow to the table. Here is a close up below


The vase that is holding the faux hydrangeas is from a store that unfortunately is no longer in business…but I see vases like this one all the time at TJ Maxx.  Or here is another place I found them on line  or it could work with just a beautiful white pitcher as well like this one here from Target.



Check out a close up of the leaves that I layed all down on the table, they have such a beautiful hue and really made the table feel lush and beautiful, and I love bringing elements from in outside in.



So I hope you enjoyed the details and inspiration of my latest tablescape! My hope is that it it inspires you for your own home.


Now onto the dinner I cooked tonight! The glazed salmon with cauliflower rice and broccoli with parsley was so delish!  All of you were dying over this recipe so I will share it with you here. All I did was replace the rice part of the recipe below with cauliflower rice which I bought at Costco. It is a delicious and healthy replacement for rice.  I also added parsley to my mixture to give it a little extra flavor and if you want to add a little crunch to your floret then add some shaved almonds to it….yummy!  I cooked the cauliflower rice in both butter and a drizzle of olive oil and then added in the broccoli once I cooked that in a little butter in a separate pan.




Once I was done I put Avocado’s on top of the salmon and some parsley on top to make it look pretty….. and here is how it turned out.  Wallah!  Slade said the flavors were amazing and one of the best meals I have ever cooked! So I would say this recipe is a keeper. It was fairly simple and beyond delish.   I also made some extra glaze and put it all over the salmon again and let it drip onto the cauliflower rice and it was sooooo good!


Alright well there you have it! Hope this helps you all get inspired to create a great meal and a fun tablescape for your own home.


Gretchen Christine

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20 thoughts on “My Farmhouse Tablescape & Salmon Recipe

  1. After watching your snaps I found them so interesting so now I subscribe and look forward to your blogs!!! I love your taste!!! I especially like the blogs and snaps on your decorating. Just had to say thanks!!!

    Ps I think next I am going to have to start shopping on here 🙂


    • Ahh Thanks Kathleen for joining my blog and for your kind words! I love helping inspire everyone to make a beautiful home!

      I blog about fashion, beauty, home decor, travel, food, fitness…so stay tuned! Thanks again for joining!
      Gretchen Christine


  2. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I was even getting my husband to watch your Snap last night. It was kinda funny. We have been looking for salmon recipes because I do not care for fish. I do love soy sauce and brown sugar, of course, so can’t wait to try it.



    • Hi Nature!
      Ahh I love your comment, that makes me so happy! I am so glad I can inspire you in some way to incorporate fish back into your diet especially Salmon because it is so high in Omega 3’s….Happy Cooking


  3. Hi Gretchen,

    Thanks for posting! LOVE your style! Your decor/recipes/food prepping are so inspirational.

    Just subscribed to your blog- can’t wait to see more!


    • Hi Sara!
      Thank you so very much for your kind words! I was hopeful my blog would be doing just that for all of you, so thank you for sharing and subscribing. Look forward to sharing more with you guys.


  4. I watched your snap last night, and wanted to get the recipe and the details of the dinner and the table scape. Thank you for pointing out where to purchase the vase (#target) for a reasonable price. Thanks for posting !!


  5. I love your style Gretchen! I am moving into my boyfriends house in May and we are planning to totally revamp everything. You decoration skills inspire me so much! I especially loved all your Christmas holiday decor. Keep them coming 🙂


  6. Hi Gretchen! Thank you so much for posting this! I actually saw you making this on Snapchat so I made it for my fiancé and I and we both loved it so much! It was absolutely delicious! I hope to see more recipes on your blog and more home decor! I love your style! Very inspirational! Xoxo!


  7. Hi Gretchen! I’m ashamed to say it’s taken me this long to finally scooch on over to your blog. I’m LOVING it!!! You have a keen sense of beauty style and design. I’m thrilled to have signed up. I truly look forward to your future blogs and recipes. Much love and thanks to you!

    Nina Montoya


  8. Hi Gretchen,
    Thanks so much for posting the salmon recipe, until then I always just did our salmon with lemon and chilli but now this is the new way we have it! My new husband loves it!!
    I’d really love to try some of your make up products…….you need to start selling in the UK 🇬🇧 😔!!!
    Love the snaps, love your Instagram,
    Love and light,
    Kat xxx


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