Nail Trends for 2017

Hi Dolls!

So I’ve been following 2017 beauty trends closely since the beginning of the year and recently nails and nail art have been making an appearance in my research. The style that I have been seeing a lot of is Chrome Nail Polish.  It is said to be the ‘hottest nail trend of 2017.’ 

Now, metallic nail polishes have always been popular, but Chrome Nails takes that mirrored, high-shine finish to the next level.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a look you can recreate with traditional nail polish. For that mirrored look you will need to go to a nail bar where they use a metallic powder to buff the nails to that intense chrome finish. But if you aren’t feeling as fancy, you can get a similar look with nail wraps. 

Also little tip for those of you who are into gel polish, this is everything when it comes to needing a good remover:  Vikas 6-piece gel nail remover.

These are a couple of my favorite chrome/hologram daring looks.


Look how cool and different these designs are!!  If you are really feeling it, I would say go ahead and try Macs Pro longwear paint pot for some matching liner.

If you want to still do it from home, you can try to recreate this look with Chanel Holographic Nail Polish or Juleps Holographic Nail polish. 


Or you can check out this more affordable hologram nail polish from Urban Outfitters below 



Cannot wait to try this new nail trend out, what do you guys think about this trend? Will you be trying it?

Stay Glam Dolls


Gretchen Christine

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