Fall in Love Again with my favorite sweater for Fall

Happy Fall! Today is the first day that it finally feels like fall has arrived her in So Cal. It is overcast and sprinkling a little outside. So naturally I pulled out my fall attire and one of my favorite all time sweaters for fall….¬†The Leanna Sweater¬†from my Gretchen Christine + MK collab collection. ¬†This sweater comes in both black and beige and what I love about it that you can wear long sleeve under it to bundle up more, or you can wear a tank top under it and use it more as a gorgeous cover up over your shoulders chest and arms. ¬†Every time I wear it I get so many compliments! ¬†So check yours out right here¬†Shop it Now.


Leanna Sweater, Gucci Boots, pants from Zara

I paired my sweater with a handbag from my Gretchen Christine Collection called the¬†Venom Handbag¬†(unfortunately sold out in the brown, but Black is still available and would go with anything) This bag combines sophistication and style with two gorgeous layers of materials and gold embellishments. ¬†Shop any of the Gretchen Christine Bags and put in “blog” at checkout to receive a discount! (special only for you that read my blog)


Leanna Sweater with my Gretchen Christine Venom Handbag

Lastly I accesorized with some gorgeous jewelry from my Gretchen Christine for MK collab and you can find it here shop it now  This necklace is so versatile and goes with so many things because the colors are neutral, it also has matching earrings if you fancy those.


Wearing the Crystal Chandelier Necklace (has matching earnings a well

My Coat was from C- Wonder a few years back but you can get any coat in camel and through it over your shoulders to complete the look. Pants are from Zara

Makeup by yours truly using Gretchen Christine lipliner all over my lips in Rose and Titillate lip plumper all over my lips (be careful it tingles to help plump up your lips) Used Golden Girl eye color palette all over my eyes, and Gel eyeliner in Raven to create the line on my upper eyelash. Then I topped it off with GC  Mascara and of course some fluttery lashes combining just enough lashes and barely there together shop it here

Hair by the one and only Victor Paul at Victor Paul Salon in Costa Mesa (714) 966-1188 call for your consultation! 

So there you have it one of my favorite looks for fall! Hope you all have a fabulous week and don’t forget to Stay Glam!


Gretchen Christine

P.S. Please leave a comment below if you liked this blog, thanks so much for your support!

6 thoughts on “Fall in Love Again with my favorite sweater for Fall

  1. Hiya Gretchen,

    Can you tell me how you apply your gel eyeliner correctly as I don’t always get it right and yours always looks for perfect ūüėä


    • Hi Nikki,
      That is a hard question because sometimes I feel like I even get it wrong, it is literally practice, but I also have found that using tape on the side of my eye can sometimes really help get that perfect line….also using the correct brush helps a lot, I use a small angled brush from mac.


    • Hi Pamela,
      I am so sorry for the delayed response I am just now seeing where all these comments come into. So that sweater is no longer available but check out all my other blog posts as all the new links should be working great now.
      Thanks for the support


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